How To Set & Achieve Your 2017 Goals

With 2017 round the corner its time to start fresh and work towards the best you, you can be. A new year will give you a bundle of oppurtunities so that you can work towards what you really want to achieve. Here is some tips you can use to set goals and make sure you are on the right path to conquering each one.

Take Your Time

Think long and hard about the goals you want to achieve by this time next year. Don’t just scratch at the surface, think deeper. Who do you want to be as a person? What path do you want your career to take? What mindset do you want to have?. Having a goal which you have taken care and consideration to think of will have much more meaning to you than one you thought of with 10 minutes remaining of the year.

Be Specificย 

Quality over quantity. Don’t set lots of goals, focus on maybe 3-5 things you want to achieve and do them to the best of your ability. By overloading yourself with a bundle of goals your placing unnecessary stress on yourself, and are likely to become demotivated.

Be Ambitiousย 

Being ambitious isn’t being unrealistic. Its setting a goal which you know will be a challenge, and you will need to have a strategy to achieve it, chipping away at it throughout the year. However, there will be a great sense of achievement and fulfilment when you tick this goal off your list.

Write It Down

Hold yourself accountable for your goals, write them down, tell your friends, colleagues and family them. Put them where you are always reminded of them, so that you know what you are working towards on a daily basis.

Break Them Down

Break your goals down into bitesize pieces, slowly chipping away at them. Not only will this make the goals more manageable but you will be self motivating yourself on a regular basis by ticking off these smaller goals.

You are in control of your life, go make 2017 yours!ย