Top Tips For A Fit & Healthy 2017

2017 is here…Which means there is a bundle of new opportunities. This post is about my top tips for a healthier version of yourself, which hopefully will be a happier one too.

Adherence & Sustainabilityย 

For me this is the most important tip of them all. Like many you will want results fast, you want them now! And with this comes extreme diets and training programmes. Let me save you the heart ache now and tell you this is the wrong path to go down. Changing your current lifestyle in such an extreme manor, may give you that desired immediate change but will not provide you with long lasting and sustainable results. When approaching any sort of lifestyle change consider if you could maintain it for the whole year, or, the rest of your life! Rather than cutting something out from your diet completely, find healthier and more nutritional alternatives. By trial and error and small tweaks you will find the perfect balance for a healthier lifestyle that works for you.

Consistencyย & Habits

When trying to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle its important that you have some form of consistency when looking at the bigger picture. The best way to be consistent with something is make it a habit, something that becomes part of your daily routine. For me thats getting up in the morning and planing my day by writing in my journal shortly followed by a hearty bowl of porridge, others like to start there day with a morning walk. Creating habits like this set you up for the day ahead with a positive mindset.

Sleep & Stress

I am very much guilty of neglecting sleep when the going gets tough and in fact one of my goals for 2017 is too make sure I get enough sleep on a daily basis. A lack of sleep can effect your mood, concentration, stress hormones and motor skills to name a few. Being stressed can have both physical and mental effects which can seriously effect your health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep where by you feel refreshed in the morning. To get a better nights sleep id advise relaxing an hour before you intend going to bed, try to avoid any sort of stimulation such as Tv screens, laptops, phones, so that you physically and mentally relax.


Nutrition is a huge topic and I will do an entire post on this in the near future, but i just want to push you in the right direction. Far to many people over complicate nutrition which is completely understandable with the amount of conflicting research that comes out in the media. Firstly you need to understand there is no magic diet, no magic pill, there is just the best diet that works for you. Pick a diet that you know you can stick too and will preferably enjoy. Go back to basics, lots of vegetables and a couple of servings of fruit a day, and have everything else in moderation. Carbs, fats and protein are all essential to your diet and none should be neglected or overlooked, but moderate your intake.


The term “leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle” has been thrown around a lot recently where by I feel its lost its fundamental meaning. Living a balanced lifestyle is individual to you, your balanced lifestyle may be completely different to someone else. Is this a bad thing? No. It means you have found a way to live your life whereby you are happy and healthy and can sustain that lifestyle. And even when you do think you have found that perfect balance, something is more than likely going to be thrown your way and you will have to make adjustments. So finding that perfect balance is always going to be an on going task and my best advice is to never eliminate something completely from your life.

Most importantly, enjoy the process, a healthier and happier you is life changing!ย