This recipe is da bomb…I could probably leave it at that because I have that much confidence in it, but, I suppose I’ll give you some background to it. I have a huge sweet tooth, as a kid I would put 5 sugars, yes 5, in my cup of tea. If there was a buffet I would skip all the savoury and go straight for the puddings! Overtime I have managed to subside my sweet cravings, in fact, I barely eat anything sugary at all. Thats because I have an ‘all in’ kind of attitude, I don’t want a slice of cake, I want the WHOLE cake, so for the sake of my health I just cut it all out altogether. Except on weekends, where I often end up buying a bag of cookies or a box of donuts and finishing the lot in one sitting. Hence the need for this recipe, as my sweet cravings often come late in the evening, not the most ideal time for a whack of sugar. Now, you are probably looking at the ingredients and thinking I’ve made a mistake, avocado in a chocolate mousse, have you gone bonkers!? Just trust me, you cannot taste the avocado and it adds a very luxurious, creamy texture to the mousse. This mousse is exactly want you want from a chocolate dessert, rich, sweet and comforting, you would not believe that it is made from healthy, nutritious ingredients. Not only that, its super easy to make!

Yields: 1-2 Portions (Depending on your appetite)


1 Scoop of Protein Powder (Preferably chocolate, but any flavour will do)
1 Medium Avocado
1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
15g Honey
1-2 Tbsp Milk (I use almond milk)


This will be the simplest chocolate mousse you have ever made! You can either mash the avocado till it is a smooth consistency or you can do what I did and put it in the food processor until all the lumps are gone. Then its simply a case of adding the rest of the ingredients and mixing it all together in a bowl, until the mixture just about falls off the spoon. You can either serve it up and eat it straight away or you can put it in the fridge to firm up for about an hour. Then get creative with toppings, I like to add some berries, granola and some yoghurt on top of mine!

Enjoy! 🙂