Since finishing university I threw myself into full-time work, simply because I like to work and be busy…weird, I know, but I stick by my saying that I’d “rather be busy then bored”. In doing so I have found myself fall into a routine without even realising, but this routine sets me up for the day and without it I would panic.
I’m a sucker for routine, even whilst at uni I would get up at the same time everyday, eat the same breakfast, and do the same things, which may sound boring, but It works for me, and allows me to be as productive as possible. So what does my morning routine look like? What do I do to kick-start my day?

My Morning Routine

I will wake up at 5:35am, no hitting that snooze button. 5:35am the alarm goes off and I roll out of bed (there no jumping out of bed here, I mean come on…its 5:35am).

Throw on some gym clothes, make my bed (always start your day by making the bed), and then grab my bag which I packed the night before.

Next its downstairs, avoiding that one creaky stair that I somehow step on every time and wake up the house…ma bad. Once downstairs, pop a Vitamin C tablet and munch down on some cornflakes, can’t beat a classic.

Cornflakes devoured, I make myself look human by washing my face and brushing my teeth, then looking at myself in the mirror and thinking “I really could do with more sleep”.

Onto the most important part of the day, coffee, double espresso, black, 1 sugar (just incase you ever meet me and want to get me a coffee 😉… into my on the go cup. Throw my meals for the day into the bag and out the house by 6:10am.

Hop (coffee has been consumed so there’s a little life in me now) on the 6:25am bus and be in the gym working out by 6:45am. Done in the gym by 8:15am, shower, get dressed and walk to work which is conveniently round the corner from the gym, ready to start my working day at 9am.

I benefit massively from routine as I get everything I want from the day, with it all seemingly running like clockwork. So if you feel your days are a bit sporadic and you need a little more structure, then start playing around with your own routine. Plan your day the night before, doing things a certain time points in the day, you will be surprised how much you can get done when you have structure to your life.
Try implementing a routine and let me know how you get on, and as always feel free to ask me any questions. 
Andy. 🙂

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