Don’t Make This Fat Loss Mistake

Im sure you have heard of Yo Yo dieting. Where you go through phases of dieting and then not and with that your weight goes up and down. But are you doing that consistently throughout the week without even realising and questioning why you’re not losing weight?

Im a big advocate of flexible dieting. I use it with all my clients and thats because it works, IF you follow It correctly. It allows you to enjoy the foods you love and as the title suggests have a little flexibility within your diet whilst still getting results.

However, when someone comes to me and says I tried flexible dieting but I didn’t get any results from it, when we break it down, they realise they weren’t using it correctly, or were making big mistakes without even realising.

Flexible dieting gives you freedom within your diet, but don’t abuse that freedom.

If your sticking to your diet Monday-Thursday, but come Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you have some drinks, you have a takeaway, you move a little less, this is where you are going wrong. Your weight is probably steadily decreasing Monday-Thursday, but then spikes over the weekend and come Monday you’re back to square one again.

Now, there is no problem with doing the above, in fact, I encourage it, but have some control. Have 1-2 drinks over the weekend, rather then finishing off a couple bottles of wine. Have a takeaway, but maybe don’t go for the full works, the pizza, the 2 sides and the pint of ice cream at the end. Have some of the pizza, a bit of the sides, and split the ice cream. No, you don’t have to nail the whole pint of ice cream, it’s not a written rule.

If you know the weekend is going to be a bit off plan, prepare for it, reduce calories slightly during the week, move a little more, limit the damage. At the end of it all, fat loss is all about consistency all week long, not just Monday-Thursday.

Be an adult, be sensible.

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