Hey! Welcome to my website!

So, a little bit about me, the mastermind behind this website if you will. I am 22 years old currently studying Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth. As you can tell from my choice of degree I am a sport and exercise fanatic, but I also have a love for food and incorporating all this into a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Ive always been a foodie as far back as I can remember, I used to love going to my nans every week because it meant an afternoon of baking (Great British Bake Off fan over here). Whether it be cakes, scones, cookies, I would be in the kitchen with my nan making a mess, eating the mixture whilst waiting for whatever it was to bake and then diving in to the finished goods. You could say I was a chubby kid to say the least… hence the love for fitness because it means I get to eat more food, win, win, right?

I’m a big social media fan as it means I not only get to share my life with the world but with the knowledge from my degree and own personal experiences I am able to help people. If you want to see what else is going on in my life then please check out my other main social media’s, YoutubeΒ and Instagram.

This website is basically my own space to share my passion for health, fitness and a balanced lifestyle with you. Sharing my recipes and life experiences along the way. You can follow me and my journey and hopefully get a good insight into my life. Enjoy!