Health and fitness has always been a large part of my life ever since the age of 16 when I first stepped foot into the gym. I was always a bit overweight as a kid and wanted to look like the guys plastered over the fitness magazines. So I began my own transformation journey. Through my many years in the gym I tried it all, some ideas worked and some thankfully I can look back at now and laugh.

I love everything about health and fitness and eventually took the plunge and studied sport and exercise science for three years at the University of Portsmouth, eventually walking away with a 2:1, but not only did I learn a lot in those three years about health and fitness, but I learnt so much more about myself.

Immediately leaving university I knew working with athletes wasn’t for me, I wanted to help those who feel like I did when I first stepped foot in the gym at 16 years old. A totally new environment, but there to learn and change there lives for the better. 

My own personal journey in health and fitness has changed a lot over the years, from wanting to be the biggest guy on the beach, to being the strongest in the gym, to recently where I want to perform well, move well, feel fit and look good naked.

Despite having a degree under my belt I’m always looking for new opportunities to learn, whether that’s a mentor, educational courses, or just reading a book, I don’t just want to be good at what I do, I want to be one of the best.

My Approach

 People can achieve the results they desire, which are sustainable and fit around their lifestyle. I don’t believe in an all or nothing approach,  it’s not about punishing yourself in and out the gym, sacrificing social occasions and living out of tupperware.

I want to show people that they can live happier, healthier lives, reaching their goals by committing to healthier health and fitness habits which revolve around their lifestyles.

Whatever your goal is, I will give you the tools and educate you so that you can reach the goals you desire whether thats a weight loss transformation, gaining muscle, or getting ready for a holiday.