Eat More To Lose Weight


Sounds counterintuitive right, eat more to lose weight.

Now, I’m going to jump in straight away and say this doesn’t apply to everyone. If you are currently on a diet and losing weight but have clicked on this post because it might an excuse to eat more, then no, this isn’t for you. What you are doing is working, so carry on. But, if you are struggling to lose weight, or were losing weight and have now plateaued then eating more may be the answer.

The further we get into a diet the harder it gets, thats because our bodies are extremely adaptable, so if you are on x amount of calories for a extended period of time then the body will adapt and accept this is the norm from now on. Hence why dieting I always recommend chipping away at the calories rather than going into an extreme deficit because then you have nothing to play with when the going gets tough.

If you are on extremely low calories more than likely you will be feeling lethargic, maybe a bit moody and not feeling energetic to do anything, your energy output has most likely decreased. Lets say we increase your calories, your input is now higher, not the answer you were expecting to lose more weight, but, with this increase in calories you have more energy, you feel less drained throughout the day, you have more energy to do more, your output has drastically increased. More than likely the increase in input (food) is outweighed by the increase in output (energy).

You so were I’m going with this one ? With more food in you, you now have more energy throughout the day and you move more and do more. Meaning you are still in a calorie deficit because your output is greater than your input.

This can be approached in two ways.

Firstly you can introduce refeeds. Put simply this is where you increase your calories on a given day, coming predominantly from carbohydrates, our bodies favoured energy source, normally at the end of the week. This, in theory should give you that much needed boost in energy for that day and the days following. But, remember, this is not a cheat day, this isn’t an excuse to eat everything and anything, it the same foods you normally would, just more of them.

Secondly, you can just slowly increase your calories week to week. For example say you were dieting on 2000 calories, now try 2200, thats an extra 1400 calories through out the week. Obviously making sure to monitor your weight as you go.

If you are struggling to lose weight, you have hit a plateau, and have been in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time. Try increasing your calories to increase your output.



With regards to fitness there is a lot of information out there, and it can be rather overwhelming. Keto diets, juice detox’s, tea detox’s, gluten. Many want results fast and companies within the health and fitness industry are well aware of that and will try to capitalise on it. Im here to help and hopefully point you in the right direction and probably save you a few pennies in the process.


Eating a gluten free diet is healthier right? Wrong. Unless your part of the 1% of the population that suffer from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance), then going gluten free will have no added benefit to you. In fact, gluten free products are normally packed full of nasties to try and make them taste like the real thing.

Ketogenic Diets

This one will probably ruffle some feathers but a ketogenic diet is no better then any other diet. You will hear many individuals say they lost X amount of weight on the ketogenic diet, forgetting the fact that no matter what diet they do, as long as they eat less calories then they are expending they will lose weight. This isn’t me mocking the ketogenic diet, if it works for you and you can adhere to it, thats great, but its no better then other diet. At the the end of the day, you will lost the same amount of weight eating for example 2000 calories on the ketogenic diet as you would eating a 2000 calorie regular diet.

Juice Detox/Cleanse

Here I’m talking about the juice detox/cleanses where by your expected to drink juices all day for like a week and you will be miraculously cleansed of all toxins in your body. Even writing that sounded to good to be true. These little and might I add expensive juices are packed full of micronutrients, which is great, but that doesn’t mean thats all you have throughout the day. Incorporating them into your daily diet is fine, but don’t make them the ONLY thing in your diet. As to the cleansing, your liver will sort that all out for you.

Fat Burners

Yes, even I was guilty of buying these when I first got into health and fitness. Pop a pill a day and in weeks I will have the body I have always desired. The large majority of ‘fat burners’ are just thermogenics, meaning they make you sweat more. Im sure there is some research out there making bold claims that fat burners will change your body. But lets be honest, if a magic pill did exist, wouldn’t we all be taking it?

No Carbs After 6

Another bold claim that if you eat past 6pm your body will store it as fat and gain weight. In reality the timing of your meals is irrelevant and has little to do with weight gain/loss. Eat when best suits you and your lifestyle, morning, noon or night, it doesn’t matter, just make sure your not over consuming.

Long story short…

Does it sound to good to be true? Guess what, it probably is. Being consistent, exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods are the answer to long term results. Work your socks off and the results will come.

Hope that helped. Any questions then please ask away.

Andy 🙂