Scale Weight For Fat Loss

Lets Talk – EP5

Hello again, its me, Andy, hi! I’m currently writing this in the sun, sipping on a coffee, new beans by the way, they taste amazing! Maybe I should start doing coffee reviews? Anyways, going off topic, I thought this week I would chat about scale weight, and no, I don’t mean the kitchen scales.

I have been dieting now for 2 weeks and I kind of forgot how much being on restricted calories can effective your mood. I can literally go from bouncing with energy, to “don’t come near me”. Main reason I have enjoyed not being in a deficit the past 6 or so months, simply because I know, and everyone else knows what Andy they are going to get. And talking about moods, its also amazing how much the scale weight can effect your mood and even your day if you weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

A lot of people will tell you don’t focus on the scale weight, go by how you feel, which is true, solely relying on the scales to dictate whether you are losing weight or not is a bad idea, however, in time you do want to see it go down and its so frustrating when it doesn’t. And that is one thing I have really tried to switch in terms of mindset recently, If I’m feeling good, weigh myself and the scales go down, I sort of tell myself “hey, it hasn’t gone down, but do you know what, I feel good, I look better, so I’m just going to ignore it”. I won’t ignore it in the respect that it didn’t happen, I will still log that weigh in as it good to get my weekly average, but I won’t let it affect my mood or eating habits for the day.

In the past I would get in the habit that if I didn’t see the scale weight go down at all, at least every other day, then I would just eat less and less and less, until it did. Which may I add is a terrible idea. What Im trying to get across here is don’t be so focused on the scale weight, If your sticking to your diet then in time, it will drop, you have just got to be patient. Its frustrating I know, but your body doesn’t like fat loss and it will almost fight you to stop it from happening. Morale of this story, do as I say, not as I did. I say did because I’m much the wiser when it comes to fat loss now, but years ago I was absolutely clueless. Thankfully I did a degree in this kind of thing so you would hope I know a thing or two.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this weeks episode, talk soon.






Episode 4 already! Blimey.

I thought I would talk about Intermittent fasting this week because strangely two clients have started using this approach to their nutrition and I too have been using this approach to manage my calories recently.

So what is intermittent fasting? It’s an extended period of time where you go without food. Typically most will fast for around 16-18 hours, giving them a 8-6 hour window to consume their calories for the day. For example you may eat your last meal for the day at 8pm and then your first meal the next day won’t be till midday.

The reason some of my clients and myself have recently started utilising this technique is because its a useful way to manage your calories for the day, especially if you are on a restricted amount of calories. It is by no means a magic diet, its just a strategy to help ensure your remain in a calorie deficit if fat loss is your goal.

Ask yourself this, do you eat breakfast in the morning out of habit or are you actually hungry? If you do it out of habit try a few more hours until you break that fast (breakfast), however, if you are actually hungry in the mornings and need something to start your day then this style of intermittent fasting may not be for you. BUT you could try the other way around, for example eating the majority of your calories between the hours of 8am and 4pm, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t get hungry in the evenings.

If you are working out make sure to have some form of nutrition around your workout, whether that be before, after or both, as we want to be fuelling our workouts and recovering properly.

So, to recap, intermittent fasting can be an effective tool to manage your calories for the day, it is not a magic diet that is going to burn more fat.

If your goal is fat loss, try it, see how you get on and let me know!

Talk soon.

– Andy-


With regards to fitness there is a lot of information out there, and it can be rather overwhelming. Keto diets, juice detox’s, tea detox’s, gluten. Many want results fast and companies within the health and fitness industry are well aware of that and will try to capitalise on it. Im here to help and hopefully point you in the right direction and probably save you a few pennies in the process.


Eating a gluten free diet is healthier right? Wrong. Unless your part of the 1% of the population that suffer from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance), then going gluten free will have no added benefit to you. In fact, gluten free products are normally packed full of nasties to try and make them taste like the real thing.

Ketogenic Diets

This one will probably ruffle some feathers but a ketogenic diet is no better then any other diet. You will hear many individuals say they lost X amount of weight on the ketogenic diet, forgetting the fact that no matter what diet they do, as long as they eat less calories then they are expending they will lose weight. This isn’t me mocking the ketogenic diet, if it works for you and you can adhere to it, thats great, but its no better then other diet. At the the end of the day, you will lost the same amount of weight eating for example 2000 calories on the ketogenic diet as you would eating a 2000 calorie regular diet.

Juice Detox/Cleanse

Here I’m talking about the juice detox/cleanses where by your expected to drink juices all day for like a week and you will be miraculously cleansed of all toxins in your body. Even writing that sounded to good to be true. These little and might I add expensive juices are packed full of micronutrients, which is great, but that doesn’t mean thats all you have throughout the day. Incorporating them into your daily diet is fine, but don’t make them the ONLY thing in your diet. As to the cleansing, your liver will sort that all out for you.

Fat Burners

Yes, even I was guilty of buying these when I first got into health and fitness. Pop a pill a day and in weeks I will have the body I have always desired. The large majority of ‘fat burners’ are just thermogenics, meaning they make you sweat more. Im sure there is some research out there making bold claims that fat burners will change your body. But lets be honest, if a magic pill did exist, wouldn’t we all be taking it?

No Carbs After 6

Another bold claim that if you eat past 6pm your body will store it as fat and gain weight. In reality the timing of your meals is irrelevant and has little to do with weight gain/loss. Eat when best suits you and your lifestyle, morning, noon or night, it doesn’t matter, just make sure your not over consuming.

Long story short…

Does it sound to good to be true? Guess what, it probably is. Being consistent, exercising regularly and eating nutritious foods are the answer to long term results. Work your socks off and the results will come.

Hope that helped. Any questions then please ask away.

Andy 🙂